Pupvengers Assemble!

Hi there, and thanks for stopping by! Here at Pupvengers Tower we blog about all things dog. Product reviews, nice places to go with your dog, tips and tricks articles and loads more.

This site is run by two Beagliers (Stark & Parker) and their human (Annie), we started this blog as we thought it would be a great place to share all the stuff we find out, like some of the best pet products out there to a great restaurant that’s pet friendly.

We chose the name Pupvengers Tower as our dogs like to think they’re the Avengers of the dog world. Due to our love of Marvel the pair of them are named after some of our favourite characters from the franchise, Stark takes her name from Tony Stark, and Parker takes hers from Peter Parker, and trust us, they really are like their name sakes. It only seemed right that a blog about them should be related to the place where the Avengers all gather.

We’re based in the UK and love finding out about all the ways we can include our pups in what we do, as well as items that help us care for them in the best possible ways.

If you want to know more about us check out our welcome post: Pupvengers Assemble!

We hope to help all humans who are owned by dogs find out all they could need to know.

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