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Pupvengers Assemble!

Welcome to Pupvengers Tower!

Thanks for coming and seeing our new home on the web, we really hope you like it here and come back regularly. We thought for our first ever post we’d give you a bit of a detailed run down of The Pupvengers team, a bit of a getting to know you and getting to know me deal.

Stark (aka Iron Dog)

Stark is the first pup to come to Pupvengers Tower, she’s the eldest pup (although she’s still only two), and definitely acts like it. Very much like her namesake (Tony Stark) she’s very intelligent, which can sometimes lead to her being a little stubborn, but in the best kind of way. She’s the calm one of the group, only getting excited when chasing birds or a wonky chomp is on the table. Stark is the more picky of the two pups, especially when it comes to toys, she is the one to please with product testing, if Stark likes it you’re on to a winner. The ultimate poser, she knows exactly when a camera is on her, even if she’s a hundred metres away from it, one of her ultimate joys is getting fuss and being told how pretty she is, and trust me she gets very upset if she’s not told at least 50 times in a day. Stark also has the power of ultimate resting b*tch face.

Favourite Things: Marvel Movies, Watching TV, Louis Theroux (definitely his number one fan-pup), Treats, Wonky Chomps, Off Lead Walks, Treats, Sniffs, Bird Watching, Treats, Nose Scratches, Being Told She’s Pretty, Treats, Posing and Cuddles.

Parker (aka Spider-Dog)

Like her name sake (Peter Parker) Parker is full of enthusiasm for everything. She’s an explorer, and will always have her nose in something, it is usually something she shouldn’t though. Parker may be the youngest pup, but she is catching Stark up and is looking to be the tallest out of The Pupvengers. What she lacks in age she makes up for in boundless energy and constantly attempting to climb the walls. Parker loves testing the durability of products, it’s one of her greatest skills, if she can’t destroy it it’s pretty durable. She is the loveable clumsy pup, who always means well, even if she does end up standing on your eye while trying to give you kisses. Parker has the skill of ultimate noodling, we swear she nearly doubles in length, and this is her preferred way of sleeping no matter what size or kind of bed she’s in. The chattiest Pupvenger, Parker is always having some kind of a conversation, whether it’s in small grumbles or loud howls she doesn’t hold back.

Favourite Things: Chewing, Running, Walks On Or Off Lead, Drinking (not alcohol, obviously), Stark, Anime, Marvel Films, Toys, Play Fighting, Jumping On The Bed, Noodling, Nose Boops.

Annie (aka The Next Avenger)

Stark and Parkers mummy, total geek, actor, and general nutcase. Annie is the one who (tries) to keep the Pupvengers in line, and usually fails, especially in trying to keep the pups off of the bed. Annie is also a blogger & vlogger, you can find her main blog over at The Next Avenger, and her youtube page over at ShortStuffs. She writes the content for this blog along with all the other things she does. Business owner of The Pawfection Pack, Annie certainly knows how to source some of the best and most interesting products for dogs out there. She always puts a great effort into making sure The Pupvengers have the greatest items to keep them fit, healthy and happy. A dog lover from the very beginning she can’t even imagine having a life without her dogs, and she knows exactly how important they are in the family dynamic. With the super skills of multi tasking and stressing out too much over the little things Annie rounds off the current Pupvengers team.

Favourite Things: Marvel, Reading, Noodles, Writing, Comics, Tom Hiddleston, Film, Acting, Sam Rockwell, TV, Cuddles On The Sofa, Candles, Pokemon, Quotes, Dogs, Jalbenra, Tea, Drawing, Riverdale, Pizza, Dancing, Iron Man, Hanging Out With Miss Mason, Cinema Trips


Dog photos by Emma Shaw Photography


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