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The Best of Bandanas

Hi everyone! We’re baaaack! Sorry for the lack of anything recently, last year got very tough for us with Starks hip issue, Parkers sudden seizure and us having to tear out our entire bedroom and redo all of it at the drop of a hat. It was very stressful to say the least, and we had to take a small pause on a few things, this being one of them. We’re back now though, still struggling through, but getting back on top!

Anyway we wanted to tell you all about an amazing brand we’ve been lucky enough to represent for a little while now, and that’s Pupstyle! They’re a favourite brand of ours, and have been for quite a while, so we wanted to share our views on their products with you, and we thought we’d start with their fabulous bandanas. 

Stark wearing the Blessed bandana

Pupstyle are known for their very stylish collections, as well as the brilliant quality of all of their products. We now own a few different styles of their bandanas (Palm Vibes, Blessed, Marble Luxe and their 2019 Christmas one), and we love each and every one of them. I find that all of the designs really work with the pups fur, each one we have brings out a different attribute. I’ve never found a brand that looks quite as good on them as Pupstyle, no matter what we seem to pick they seem to just work on them, which is fantastic.  

The thing we first noticed about these bandanas when we got them was that the fabric was unlike any other we’d felt before, and sits like a dream around the pups necks. It’s not super soft, but it has a slight rigidity to it which means it stays put and holds in place perfectly, which is great when you have dogs who regularly move their bandanas around into weird places without trying. The bandanas are made of an easy wash polyester, which works fantastically for dog bandanas, as my pair are regularly getting them muddy. Ours came up really well having a quick hand wash after one particularly muddy day out. 

Parker wearing Palm Vibes collar and bandana

Our absolutely favourite thing about these have to be the fastening though, Stark and Parkers necks are awkward, and usually we go for a tie neck, which is absolutely fine, but the pair are notorious wrigglers, and I do get a little nervous tying bandanas sometimes. Pupstyle bandanas come with a popper fastening for easy accessorising. They also have a choice of three poppers, so you’re assured to get the right fit for your pup. The only bandanas that don’t have the popper fastenings are the special edition ones that come out for Christmas, Valentines day etc, which are tie necks, which is still great. 

Stark wearing the Palm Vibes bandana

Pupstyle have fantastic branding with all of their products, and the bandanas are no different. They come with a rose gold logo attached, which looks absolutely stunning with their other products, which also include rose gold finishings, or any other products you already own, they blend seamlessly while giving you that Pupstyle flair. Another fabulous fact about their collections means that if you’re into matching all your pups accessories you can do! Pupstyle do collars, Harnesses, Bowties, bandanas and even leads in each of their designs.

Pupstyle gets an all paws up rating from us, it’s our favourite doggy wear brand, and we fully endorse all of their products. 

Check out their website here, and if you’re placing your first order with them feel free to use our code STARK15 and get yourself a 15% discount.

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