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Rocketo Dog Snack Bar

We were very lucky to receive a little sample from the dog food company Rocketo, in the form of one of their snack bars. I have to say we were very excited to be given this opportunity, the pups were more than happy to be taste testers and give their verdict on the bar.

Stark waiting as patiently as possible to get the snack bar. Wearing Pupstyle’s Blessed collar and Emerald Envy Bowtie

Rocketo is a dog food company that specialises in raw dehydrated food, which is great for on the go and saving space, while still giving your dog all the benefits of a raw diet. As their website states it has all the benefits of raw food with the convenience of kibble. Rocketo dog food has been created by vets and approved by nutritionists to be a great dog food. It works on a subscription based system where the dog food is delivered to your door every month. You’ll also receive treats or toys, supplements, a scoop and a manual with your deliveries. The great thing about Rocketo is you can personalise your plan to fit your dog perfectly, so they should get the perfect amount of food and you don’t have to worry about doing a quick dash to the shops when you run out, not to mention it will meet your pups dietary requirements.

Rocketo Snack Bar up close

We were sent one of their vegan and organic snack bars, which contained banana, coconut flakes and flaxseeds. This was also human friendly, which was great to know that if I’d have had a chance I could have also given it a try. This bar contains some great ingredients which makes it super healthy for your fur baby. All of these ingredients can help give a great shiny coat, not to mention the anti-inflammatory properties that can help skin and joint issues.

“Are you sure there isn’t anymore??”

Even while it was in the packet Stark and Parker were losing their minds. I could tell they loved the way it smelled and couldn’t wait to get into it. Getting Stark to stay still while I unwrapped it was incredibly difficult. Once she was able to have a bite she just couldn’t control herself and nearly took off one of my fingers with it. The whole bar was gone in a matter of seconds and I had wide eyes staring at me expecting more, even showing them the packet didn’t really satisfy them.

All in all the Rocketo snack bar was a total winner in our books, so much so that I might have to look into getting their dog food, as the only downside about Rocketo is you can’t seem to buy their lovely treats separately, which is a real shame. 

If you want to get started on Rocketo please use our affiliate link here to sign up. It doesn’t cost you anymore, it just gives us a few pennies to help support this blog.

NOTE: This snack bar was gifted to us for review.

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