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Top of the Treats! 1st Quarter 2020

Hi everyone, how are we all holding up at this time? I know it’s tough, and we’re always here if anyone wants to chat. During this time we’ve decided to add a new regular post to our blog; Top of the Treats! We will post our top five treats we’ve had through the last three months, these posts will be published every quarter of the year. In these lists we won’t be ranking the treats against each other, as how can you? All treatos are the best treatos, instead it will just be a selection of our favourites from the last three months.

These past three months the pups (well mainly just Stark) have been on a bit of a diet, so treats have been a little less than usual, but we have had some favourites that the pair have gone nuts over, so there’s still plenty to share with you.

Edgard Cooper Busy Day Bar

So getting the ball rolling with this quarters top of the treats is Edgard Coopers Busy Day Bar, we had the Daily Chicken flavour. This one is a total favourite of the pups, and mine (not to eat of course). I love how handy these bars are to take on a walk or a day out, especially if you don’t want to be wandering around with a giant pack of treats on you. They’re also super soft to break into smaller pieces so it lasts ages. The pair of them gobble it up in seconds. We went with chicken to help Stark get a bit more trim at the beginning of this year.

The Little Blue Pupcakery Valentines Heart

We love everything made by this lovely lady makes, her creations are gorgeous to look at and the pups are obsessed with anything she bakes. This special valentines treat is no exception. Both Stark and Parker nearly had it out of my hand before I’d gotten it out of the wrapper, and were looking for more even after it was gone. As an owner I love how much time was taken in the process of making and decorating, there was a lot of care and the end result looked fabulous. A feast for the eyes as well as the pups.

Pooch & Mutt Fresh Breath Treats 

This is a regular favourite in the house, especially to help keep the puppers breath fresher. It can be really tough getting these guys to like Fresh Breath treats, as Parker will turn her nose up at everything with a slightly minty flavour, and Stark will reluctantly eat it, but will glare at you the whole time. Also I have found most fresh breath treats the pair like don’t always work on combatting their stinky breath, but these work incredibly well. They don’t even need many for us to notice a large difference. I also love the fact they’re small and bite sized, but I can still break them into two to curb Starks snack addiction.

Rocketo Snack Bar

As you’ll know from our previous post we absolutely loved the Rocketo Snack Bar we were kindly gifted to review. The pups loved the taste of it, and I thought the branding was exceptional, as well as it being a handy size to carry around. You can find out what we thought about it in more detail here.


In fairness this isn’t a treat we bought, just one we made at home. My boyfriend and I are always having freshly made popcorn, so it seemed silly not to let the pups have a bit. All we do is add the tiniest amount of oil to a pot, then when it gets warm enough we pop in a cup of kernels and let them pop away. For the pups we just give it to them plain, for us we have it with a honey topping. It’s nice to be able to share a film time snack with the dogs as well. If you don’t have any kernels there are loads of places you can get doggy popcorn from, some of them are even flavoured especially for dogs. My pair inhale popcorn they love it so much, it’s a cheap and easy treat you can make yourself, plus it’s actually quite light for them, so great for dogs on a diet.


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