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    The Hottest Harness Around

    Like most dog mums out there I spend ages looking for the right stuff for my pups, whether it’s food, beds or stuff for them to wear. Pupstyle is a brand that’s come up time and time again for us, and they just keep getting better and better! The first thing we ever purchased from this brand was our harnesses, and we can honestly say we’d never use another brand now.

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    Top of the Treats! 1st Quarter 2020

    Top of the Treats! We will post our top five treats we've had through the last three months, these posts will be published every quarter of the year. In these lists we won't be ranking the treats against each other, as how can you? All treatos are the best treatos, instead it will just be a selection of our favourites from the last three months.

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    Rocketo Dog Snack Bar

    We were very lucky to receive a little sample from the dog food company Rocketo, in the form of one of their snack bars. I have to say we were very excited to be given this opportunity, the pups were more than happy to be taste testers and give their verdict on the bar.

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    The Best of Bandanas

    Pupstyle are known for their very stylish collections, as well as the brilliant quality of all of their products. We now own a few different styles of their bandanas, and we love each and every one of them. I find that all of the designs really work with the pups fur, each one we have brings out a different attribute. I've never found a brand that looks quite as good on them as Pupstyle, no matter what we seem to pick they seem to just…

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    Scrummy Treats

    We were lucky enough to be given the chance to try these lovely treats from Bear & Fudge Treats. The pups and I have been super excited to give them a try and share what we thought of them with you guys. Bear & Fudge Treats are a new company based in the UK. They ship worldwide and make some great treat bags as well as gorgeous doggy birthday cakes. All of their products are natural and homemade.

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    Soothing Balms

    Recently we took a trip to Bestsy’s Raw Food HQ, we were lucky enough to get our own sample pack of their food, but also some Dorwest paw balm and skin balm to trial and review. We always find reviewing new products incredibly exciting, not to mention the fact it’s a paw and skin balm, tow things we use very frequently in this house.

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    Bug Off!

    A little while ago we were lucky enough to be given a bottle of Dermadogs Insect Spray to review, so we can tell all you lovely people about it! We've been giving it a thorough test and we're ready to share all our finding's with you.

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    Beautiful Bandanas

    We've been looking at Melvyn & Co's products now for quite a while, just waiting for the right time to purchase a couple. We love the range of products on offer, as there aren't just bandanas for sale, but also matching leads and bow ties. When trying to choose which ones to go for we were spoiled for choice!

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    The Pawfect Gift For Your Pup

    For our first ever Spotlight post we thought we'd focus on something we know all about, The Pawfection Pack; a monthly pet subscription box, where each box is themed to the time of year (Christmas, Halloween etc) as well as pop culture references and events.

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    Pupvengers Assemble!

    Welcome to Pupvengers Tower! Thanks for coming and seeing our new home on the web, we really hope you like it here and come back regularly. We thought for our first ever post we'd give you a bit of a detailed run down of The Pupvengers team, a bit of a getting to know you and getting to know me deal.