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Beautiful Bandanas

We’ve had a great run of luck recently, and something that’s included in that is the fact we’re now privileged to be ambassadors for Melvyn & Co. This gave us a brilliant chance to try out their bandanas, which we’ve had our eyes on for some time now. We’re also very happy to be using them for our first ever review on this blog!

As we previously said we’ve been looking at Melvyn & Co’s products now for quite a while, just waiting for the right time to purchase a couple. We love the range of products on offer, as there aren’t just bandanas for sale, but also matching leads and bow ties. When trying to choose which ones to go for we were spoiled for choice! There were so many options, including their new ‘Stitches For Bitches’ range, which we were very tempted by, even though Stark and Parker aren’t the most girly of pups. In the end we plumped for the Fringed Country Tartan. We made this choice as the colours match the blog theme, as well as including the colours of both Iron Man and Spider-Man, which are obviously perfect for these two.

We’d seen a lot of fringed bandanas making the rounds on Instagram, and it’s been a favourite look of mine. This is also why we chose the fringed version rather than the premium in this fabric.

We didn’t have to wait very long for them to arrive, they were delivered in a matter of days from ordering. Upon opening the box we could see how neatly they were packaged, and how much care had been taken, a value we love to see with any product we purchase. I was amazed by the quality when I got to take them out of the box. The fabric is super soft to the touch, and doesn’t hold rigidly at all. The stitching at the top allows for a decent amount of room to thread a collar through, which I was very grateful for, as the pups collars currently have the Zee-Dog rubber logo on them. The fact that these are thread through the collar bandanas means the pups can wear these on more exciting walks, and they won’t fall off.

The fabric being so soft meant that the bandanas fall nicely. This is something I really love about them, as most bandanas you buy hold themselves quite rigid, which can be nice, but I feel these Melvyn & Co ones sit on the pups necks and chests so much better because of it. I also found the softer fabric made them more comfortable for both Stark and Parker, which is such a bonus, espeically with Parker as she’s a nightmare if she’s ever uncomfortable.

On top of all of that the pair look super stylish in them, plus I do love seeing them twinning. We know we will definitely be ordering more from Melvyn & Co in the near future, as we have so many other favourite designs to try out!

Some of the other designs we had our eyes on were Fresh Check, Fringed Black Tartan and Paint On Pink. Did you know that you can get a custom made bandana from them as well!

We give Melvyn & Co a super paws up for style and comfort! Check out there store here.

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NOTE: These bandanas were bought by us using our ambassador code for a discounted price.



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