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Recently we got to catch up with the lovely Elly Thompson who runs Dermadog; a completely natural dog care brand. We thought it would be great to get to know a little bit more about the business and everything behind it in order to share it with you.

A Little Bit About Dermadog

Dermadog is an ethical dog care brand, creating hand-made products that are free from artificial fragrances and chemicals and responsibly packaged in recyclable, plastic-free packaging. They use only natural and organic ingredients in all of their products. Each of their wash bars are individually wrapped in recycled paper. The sprays and balms are supplied in amber glass bottles and jars, making everything they produce not only great for your dog, but also you and the environment. All of Dermadogs products are all hand-made, bottled and packaged in Wiltshire.

“This is a super product and I have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone who has an itchy dog. A great artisan product that we should all support.” – Greg Van Praagh, Director of Benyfit Natural Dog Food

How Long Has Dermadog Been Going?

It all began with their wash bars; the first prototype was made two years ago and they’ve been carefully developing their range of products since then. You can now get three varieties of wash bar, three sprays and a multi-purpose balm, with two more products currently under development. Watch this space as we definitely want to be reporting on those when they’re launched!

Why Did You Start Dermadog?

Dermadog was founded by Elly Thompson, a designer, dog-lover and essential oils enthusiast with an established background in the design and creative industry. She is married Nick Thompson, a veterinary surgeon with 27 years experience and a specialist interest in natural dog nutrition and herbal medicine.

Elly says:

“After ten years in the design and creative industry, I paused work to have my two children. I’ve always been very health conscious and continuously look for natural ways in which I can maintain my health and that of my family (including pets!). I began studying essential oils and became very interested in their properties, amazing versatility and distinct aromas. I found a few good suppliers and soon I was making my own soaps, balms and oil blends, suitable for both humans and animals. I then had a creative urge to design a beautiful brand with which to encompass my products, all underpinned by ethical values. And so Dermadog was born.”

What Makes Dermadog Different?

Dermadog don’t use artificial fragrances or sulphates in their products, they use the real stuff. As great dog care isn’t just about how your dog looks, it’s about your dog’s entire health and well being. This includes what they eat, the products you use on them and what they’re exposed to. Dogs can’t make these choices for themselves, so as responsible owners, it is up to us to make the best choices we can on behalf of them. It is only right that we should want the very best for our canine friends.
They use pure essential oils that have multiple benefits: they smell wonderful while simultaneously caring for your dog’s skin and coat. Artificial fragrances just ‘smell’ and don’t contain the multitude of beneficial properties that so many essential oils contain. For example, Cedarwood repels fleas and also stimulates hair follicles. Lavender soothes anxiety and heals wounds. Lemon is uplifting and clarifying – and these oils are all simultaneously deodorising, which make them perfect in these kinds of dog care products. These are some of the major things that set Dermadog apart from the crowd.

“My little poodle has awful dermatitis in his ears. For 6 years I’ve tried everything! I got some Dermadog calm balm and it works a treat!!! THANK YOU Dermadog.” – Zazarina Ferguson Hemmings, Dog Owner

Dermadogs Values

Dermadog is 100% natural dog care. It was created through a love of dogs and great respect for the planet. They strongly believe that the products we use on ourselves and our animals have an impact on the health of our families, pets, friends and the environment, so great consideration has been been given to their selection of ingredients and packaging materials. Dermadog know how important your dog is to you, and how they can help not only make your pup look good,  but stay healthy as well (not to mention smelling great at the same time!) Their values extend beyond the simplicity of keeping your dog clean or pampered, they take into account the environment and the effects different chemicals and such can have on not only your pup, but also yourself.

What Products Are There?

There are a fantastic range of products available from Dermadog which span a multitude of doggy needs:

  • Tender Wash Bar for puppies and sensitive dogs
  • Glossy Wash Bar to promote a soft, glossy coat
  • Glossy Spray to condition and deodorise the coat after washing
  • Hush Spray to help ease anxiety
  • Insect Defence Spray to help keep those pesky bugs at bay
  • Calm Nourishing Balm to soothe sore or itchy areas and moisturise very dry skin
With the arrival of Spring we also know how the Insect Defence Spray will help during this time when ticks are rife! Made from a blend of rose geranium (for ticks), cedarwood (for fleas) and lemongrass (for mosquitoes), this spray is not just insect repelling, it’s naturally deodorising. Unlike many commercially popular products, it poses no toxic threat to your pets and family and smells wonderful.
Many flea-control products are damaging to animals’ health. The active ingredients in these products often include chemicals such as imidacloprid, fipronil, permethrin, methoprene, and pyriproxyfen, all of which have caused serious health problems in animals in laboratories. You’re also not just thinking about your dogs health – yourself or children are likely to stroke your dog after they’ve been treated, which could spread these chemicals all over your house and potentially into your own bodies via your mouth and skin. The Insect Defence Spray works well alongside Itchy Wash Bar, to help prevent itchy dogs.

“The first thing that you notice with Dermadog, is that when you open it, is the most delightful natural scent, which comes from the natural oils and ingredients used. 100% VEGAN. 100% CRUELTY FREE. 100% NATURAL. It smells so calming and it really is an amazing product to use! Gets 5 stars from all of us here at Embark On Raw The Natural Pet Food Store and knowing that its completely natural and ethical fits perfectly with all that we love.” – Andrea Fletcher, Owner of Embark on Raw Pet Store

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To celebrate Spring Dermadog have got a 20% OFF which can be redeemed at checkout use code SPRING20 – Valid until 30th of April.
While stocks last.
You can also catch Dermadog at Bath Canine Society Dog Show, which starts on 24th May 2019. People can visit them to test products and have a chat. They’ll also have some special offers – more details to follow!

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