The Pawfect Gift For Your Pup

For our first ever Spotlight post we thought we’d focus on something we know all about, The Pawfection Pack.  This Subscription Box is our business, so obviously we will refrain from posting any reviews of it, as that wouldn’t be fair and we may be slightly biased, which we wouldn’t want. This is exactly why we thought it would be a great fit for our Spotlights, as obviously we still want to tell you all about our boxes.

A Little Bit About The Pawfection Pack

The Pawfection Pack is a monthly pet subscription box. Each box is themed to the time of year (Christmas, Halloween etc) as well as pop culture references and events, for example this February’s box was a mixed theme of The Oscars and Valentines, and March’s box is Dumbo themed to commemorate the release of the new Dumbo film. There are many different types of box you can purchase, the main four are:

  • Premium Box – 6-8 items per month for dogs
  • Basic Box – 4-6 items per month for dogs
  • Cat Box – 4-6 items per month for cats
  • Treat Box – 4-6 treat packs of treats per month for either cats or dogs

There are also other boxes which are the same as these boxes, but for multiple pets:

  • Double Trouble – For two pets – Premium, Basic and Cat
  • Triple Threat – For three pets – Premium, Basic and Cat

There is also the option to purchase each of these boxes as a one off purchase if you’re not quite ready to commit to a monthly subscription.

We also have Single Product purchases available for items that have appeared in previous boxes. Along with this we also offer Charity Boxes, which are similar to one off boxes, although these can be bought at any time of the month. They contain a random assortment of products, rather than the monthly theme. You can purchase as many of these throughout the month as you’d like, and each one will be slightly different. The Charity Boxes contain 5-8 items, and the Charity Treat Boxes contain 4-6 packs of treats. 10% of the price from each of these boxes goes to Battersea Rescue for Cats and Dogs.

The Pawfection Pack is a small home grown business, which sources as many of it’s products as possible from UK independent retailers, so you can be assured that the majority of the items you receive will not be easily found in your usual high street stores.

“We love this subscription box and will use everything we got! Excellent customer service too!” – Emma Shaw, Photographer

How Long Has The Pawfection Pack Been Going?

We’re a very new business. We started up in November 2018, and our website has only been open to the public since December 2018. Our first box was the Renew box in January, which was aimed at detoxing your pets from Christmas time naughties. We’ve had a great response to the boxes in that time, and I can’t wait for everyone to see what we have planned through the rest of the year!

Why Did We Start The Pawfection Pack?

I’ve always loved picking out gifts for people and my pups; at Christmas time I spend hours scouring the web for the perfect items to give. There’s not many things that make me as happy as watching someone opening their presents and seeing how much they love them. It’s the same face I get from Stark and Parker whenever I bring anything home to them, whether it’s wrapped up or not. Which is why I thought I’d love to start a subscription box business, what could be better than packaging up wonderful gifts for people. I decided on pet boxes as I love finding all kinds of new products for my pups, and I want to share them with you all.

Part of the decision was slightly selfish as well though. I’ve always been a dog lover, and the idea of running a business from home that’s pet focussed, and lets me spend more time at home with Stark and Parker is a winner in my books.

I also wanted to fill the geek gap in the pet subscription box market. There’s loads of fabulous subscription boxes out there for pets, but none that use pop culture as a theme, espeically not since Loot Pets stopped their lovely boxes. I wanted a box that would make the owner smile and be something they enjoy just as much as their fur babies.

How Do We Make The Themes Work?

We source our products carefully to relate to the theme for each month. For example in our February Box, which was themed around Valentines Day and The Oscars, we found doggy popcorn to relate to movies, a cologne spray named Star to keep them smelling fresh, bow ties so they looked smashing, pawsecco for celebrating, a love heart chew toy, which also helps floss teeth, as you need pearly whites while posing for photos etc.

Our next box to be posted out is our March Box which is themed around Dumbo.

“Absolutely loved the wide range of products which were not only great for Theo but great for his humans too.” – Christina Rotondo, Musician

What Makes The Pawfection Pack Different?

As previously mentioned we theme all of our boxes not only around the time of year, but also pop culture. Along with that each of our boxes are stamped and wrapped up like a little a little present, all done by hand. Each Pawfection Pack is a little parcel tied up with string, and has a gift tag attached with your pets name on it, just for that extra personal touch. We want each customer to feel like they’ve received something extra special in the post, and pups to enjoy ripping open their parcel, as I know how much they like to open presents. We also collect details about your pets, to make sure your pack is perfectly tailored for them.

We also work hard to source as many of our products from UK independent sellers as possible. As a small business we know how important it is to work with other companies who are home grown and have the same values as us. It also means our packs are full of products that you can’t always find in the large pet stores, so you will have quite a unique bundle of products when you order from The Pawfection Pack.

The Pawfection Pack’s Values

When I was just first thinking about this business I knew I wanted to give my customers quality in the items they were getting. I didn’t want to just throw a random bundle of products together in each box, I wanted them to be thought through, I wanted the box owner to know I’d put a lot of love and care into picking the items, as well as the packaging of them. I knew I also wanted The Pawfection Pack to be useful – to help owners care for their pets – in the hopes that would keep people subscribing.

I know we try to make sure everything we include in our packs helps give your pets a healthy lifestyle. I test out as many of the products as possible with Stark and Parker, and if they like them I know I’m onto a winner. I make sure everything is of a high quality before I put it in the boxes. I pack every box with love and can’t explain the happiness I get when I receive pictures or videos of pets with their items.

Every box is unique in it’s own little way, mostly from its hand wrapping. A little extra love and care goes into our boxes than most others you’ll find on the market currently.

“I’m so impressed with the size of each item as they are full size – perfect for a Springer Spaniel who loves his food!” – Laura Nolan, Blogger & YouTuber

What Kind Of Prices Are The Boxes?

Our boxes start at £10 for our monthly Treat Box, which includes 4-6 packs of treats, this subscription is perfect for those pups who love treats and get through them very quickly. For the boxes that include more than just treats they start at £20 for dogs, which is our Basic Box containing 4-6 items, and £18 for cats which also contains 4-6 items. Our Charity Boxes are £10 for one full of just treats, and £25 for our other box which can include accessories, toys and care items as well as treat packs. 10% of the price of these goes to Battersea Rescue For Cats And Dogs.

Our shipping rates start at just £2 for boxes, we like to keep the shipping as reasonable as possible, while still giving a great service.

At the moment we only ship to the UK, although we are looking to change this in the future as we grow.

How Do You Subscribe?

You can subscribe to any of our boxes through our store page. You can also buy One Off Boxes from here, Charity Boxes from here and Single Products from our previous boxes here.

What’s The Feedback From The Boxes?

We’ve been truly overwhelmed by all the positive feedback from customers. People love the handmade and hand packaged feel of the boxes, and I haven’t heard anything but good comments about the products that have been in them. Customers have been loving the variety of the items they receive. It’s made me so happy to hear how much people love the boxes.

There is a brand rep search running currently for The Pawfection Pack, so if you have a doggy instagram page head over to their post here to enter. Follower count does not matter :).

Find The Pawfection Pack Online

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  • Emma

    The Oscars themed box sounds bloody amazing! What attention to detail. I mean.. a doggy bow tie. So great. For the first time in my life, I don’t currently live with a pup – our flat is on the second floor without a garden 🙁 – but as soon as we move into our new house I am going straight to the rescue shelter because it just doesn’t feel right not having a doggo. And I’ll definitely be getting one of your boxes. I can’t wait to see what other themes you’ll have.

    Emma |

    • Pupvengers

      Thanks :). I wanted to do something different to the standard Valentines box. Oh no! I couldn’t imagine being with the puppers, that just be difficult, but yay! So happy you’ll be getting one when you move! Aww thank you, well, I know the April theme is going to be Endgame, because I couldn’t ignore that film coming out haha xx

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