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The Hottest Harness Around

Hope everyone’s ok and keeping safe out there! We’re back to tell you all about our favourite harness and top brand Pupstyle. We wanted to give you the low down on their harnesses and how truly incredible they are.

Like most dog mums out there I spend ages looking for the right stuff for my pups, whether it’s food, beds or stuff for them to wear. Pupstyle is a brand that’s come up time and time again for us, and they just keep getting better and better! The first thing we ever purchased from this brand was our harnesses, and we can honestly say we’d never use another brand now.


We spent a long time trying to find the perfect harness. Both the pups are big pullers so we knew we needed something that was strong, and not something that could be easily wriggled out of, as Parker can be quite the escapologist when she gets scared on walks. Another issue is Stark’s size, she’s a deep chested girl with quite a small neck, so finding harnesses that fitted perfectly was a real struggle. She’s also suffered with an Ezy-dog harness that ended up making her bald on her chest and has caused quite a lot of skin issues for her. So the search started for something that was adjustable on both neck and chest, strong, and soft without rubbing.

It was quite a task, but then we found Pupstyles website, and we found exactly what we were looking for. They fitted every aspect we needed, as well as looking pretty stylish. All of Pupstyles products are strength tested and built to hold up on even the strongest dog. The Velcro attachments around the neck and the chest mean you can make sure they fit your dog perfectly. Then the main body is incredibly soft, so no nasty rubbing and just a very comfortable fit. 

They really last the test of time as well. We’ve had our for just over a year now and they really have been through it and on so many adventures. They’re holding up incredibly well, if you ignore the tiny pulls in the outer fabric we’ve made by climbing over sticks and the mud (that needs washing off) you’d think they were brand new!

The best thing we found about them is they really helped calm their pulling. We know a lot of people say harnesses don’t help dogs that pull, and yes they do still pull a bit, but the difference we noticed when they were wearing them was crazy, the pair were no longer tearing our arms off constantly as they walked. The harness helped restrain them a bit more, but also helped them feel comfortable. 

We found them incredibly easy to care for as well, when they get a bit too mucky we just give them a quick hand wash and they come out great. The design we decided to go for was their Palm Vibes range, but we’re already deciding on the next one we’d like to get. 

Pupstyle harnesses get all paws up from us, there is no other harness out there that can quite compete on all the levels of this one. 

If you’d like one of their harness for yourself check out their website and use our code STARK15 for 15% off of your first order, you won’t regret it!

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