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Scrummy Treats

We were lucky enough to be given the chance to try these lovely treats from Bear & Fudge Treats. The pups and I have been super excited to give them a try and share what we thought of them with you guys.

Bear & Fudge Treats are a new company based in the UK. They ship worldwide and make some great treat bags as well as gorgeous doggy birthday cakes. All of their products are natural and homemade.

What I loved about these treats was how large and soft they were. They’re a lot cakier in texture  than other treats we’ve tried, most of which stick to a biscuity feel. These ended up becoming a super special treat for the pups to receive. You could tell they were a high value treat to them. as they’d both behave impeccably when I’d pull out the packet. They were a definite favourite for Parker, I think this was particularly because of the texture, as she can be a little funny with tougher treats. She doesn’t scoff as much as Stark and really takes her time with chewing, which usually causes Stark to try to steal whatever she has left. With these treats she was able to finish at pretty much the same time, which was great for her.

The only tiny downside we found with these treats was that because they’re so fresh they didn’t have a super long shelf life. This is also a plus though. as let’s be honest, we all prefer to feed our dogs stuff that’s fresh as it’s better for them. I’m just awful for having too many treats to get through in a short amount of time.

We definitely reccommend getting some treats from Bear & Fudge. You’ll get exceptional quality as well as some super scrummy treats!

NOTE: we received these treats with a 50% discount



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